A self-taught artist, Mary Thompson was born in Melbourne in1968 and is currently based in Sydney where she works as a Painter and Art Therapist.
Gifted with a small wooden box set of oil paints at age 8, Thompson began an artistic journey that would take her across the globe. Living in countries including France, Italy and Greece – at one point hitching a ride in a semi-trailer between these destinations- Thompson’s life, like her art, has been an adventure into the unknown.

The unknown is an overriding theme in Thompson’s work. The canvas provides her with a surface to express the otherwise inexpressible aspects of human experience. It is a response to the immensity of the landscape, incomprehensibility of nature, the inarticulate emotional self and above all the mystery that lies just beneath the surface.

A fast drying medium, acrylic is used to instantly capture, layer and re-work the artist’s emotional landscape. As texture is created, even the original lines, colours and markings become a hidden entity, reiterating psychological processes.

As Carl Jung famously stated, “images are the language of the soul.” Thompson’s work is a meditation upon this possibility.